SUITable is an adaptive sportcoat that is designed to be adjustable for continuous thermal comfort. The coat features front flaps that are easily opened and closed for increased ventilation, and magnetic closures with hidden pockets for maximum adjustability by individuals with limited dexterity. 

Jim Wice (Client)

Jim had spinal cord injury since age 18, and uses a wheel chair. With a mechanical engineering degree, Jim works full time as Director of Disabilities Services at Wellesly College for 16 years. He tries to be independent dresser but faces difficulty in taking clothes on or off. When its warm, he wants to be out always out to play power wheel chair soccer and often gets overheated and has trouble getting his temperature down when wearing too many layers.

Amy Fleischer  (Occupational Therapist)- Amy is a freshly minted occupational therapist with insatiable appetite for adaptive design. She believes that the best solutions emerge at the intersection of form and function, with an implied respect for aesthetics. Energized by the hurdles and rewards of working on interdisciplinary teams, she currently curates collaborations between OT and engineering departments at Tufts University.

Searom Jung (Designer) Samsung Arts & Design Institute (SADI) - International student - Searom is a Product Design student at SADI. She believes in working on wearables and designs that empower the underprivileged and disabled. With 11 years living in India, she realized how up cycling old clothes to make sanitary pads could solve the cultural problems for Indian women. 

Jeongsu Lee (Designer) Samsung Arts & Design Institute (SADI) - International student- Jeongsu is a Fashion Design student at SADI and has experimented with EL Wire and textiles to drive a closure relationship between clothing and technology.

Logan Sweet (Engineer)- Logan is an undergraduate student at Olin College in Needham, MA studying engineering design. She is passionate about finding the right problems to solve and designing for people’s lives.


Just-in Jacket

The Just-in Jacket is a multi-season jacket with a unique design and structure to maximize wearing comfort for a bright high schooler with muscular dystrophy, Justin, and ease donning and doffing for the caretaker, his mother, Prow.


Justin Moy (Client + his mom Prow Sarns)

Justin is a 15 years old boy who uses a powered wheel chair and has scoliosis, meaning his back is hunched and can’t sit up straight. Because he is hunched, clothes are always bent and crinkled in the front by his tummy. Mom puts clothes in him because he has limited arm movement. His fingers move so, he can type.

Ruthie Merrell (Occupational Therapist) - Ruthie has worked in a variety of health and educational settings and with people of all ages, from newborns to nursing home residents. She was fortunate to become a school-based occupational therapist, a role she has now enjoyed for over twenty years.

Yuchen Zhang (Designer)- Chen is a multi-faceted designer who specializes in branding, interaction design and technology. Originally from China, Yuchen now lives in New York City. Yuchen uses her advanced skills in design and technology to consult clients on visual design, web design, branding and consumer experience



Ease is a line of durable, stylish activewear-inspired shirts with moderate compression for comfort and sensory input. Lack of side seams and flat seam technology make the shirts smooth against the skin, eliminating pain points and threads for those who are sensitive to sensory stimuli.

Eliza (Client + Amiee is her mom)

Eliza is an 11 years old girl with utis, wh picks at the sea of her clothing. 

Elizabeth Riley (Occupational Therapist) - Elizabeth will be graduating in 2016 with a Master of Occupational Therapy from Bay Path University. She has a passion for adaptive design and has clinical experience from Shriners Hospital Springfield. 

Chrissy Glover (Designer) - Chrissy currently studies fashion and fibers at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and particularly enjoy sewing, patternmaking, and weaving. She is interested in how technology can be incorporated into textiles and garments in a way that solves a problem for the wearer.

Uma Desai (Engineer)- Uma just finished her first year at the Olin College of Engineering, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering. She has worked on projects ranging from modeling and simulating the mechanics of seesaw acrobatics to designing, building, and testing an off-road vehicle.



Versacoat is an adaptive, multi-season jacket that provides full weather protection and durability during propelled movement or wheelchair transfer. Its many pockets can securely hold a user’s everyday necessities, back hemline that ends at the wheelchair seat and elongated front for leg coverage, ideal for wheelchair users.

Michael Scannell (Client)

Wheel chair user all his lif, age 52, works as broadcasting consultan, (like a Rayn Jacket client): He needs outside wear. Poncho design is not reall great since h doesn’t have a lift for his car; he akes his chair apart to put it in the car manually. The poncho would get stuck. Because h’s a consultant, e wears a suit.

Morgan Kane (Occupational Therapist) - Morgan is a first-year graduate student at the Boston School of Occupational Therapy at Tufts University, and the Program Coordinator for the Center of Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord Conditions at Boston Children's Hospital. With a background in Fine Arts and Fashion Design, Morgan is hoping to integrate her love of the creative process in her future OT practice. 

Johnny King (Designer) - Johnny is a recent graduate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he focused heavily on technical men’s and women’s ready-to-wear pieces. His design process has always been to connect mental disabilities with wearable garments.

Chika Uzoma Eke (Engineer) - Chika is currently attending MIT for her master’s in Mechanical Engineering. With a love for creative problem solving and past experience as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor, she is passionate about using technology to enable inclusion for people with disabilities and hopes to pursue a career in assistive or rehabilitation technology.