TEAM q (qXgO)

Staci Chen (OT), Kailu Guan (D), Chengcheng Zhao (E)

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Taeyeon Kim (E), Abi Lierheimer (D), Neya John (PT)

Chris O’Donoghue has a long established career as a journalist and has since retired from his job as a tv reporter. Having SCI, Chris had initially been a manual wheelchair user but he now uses a power chair after an injury where his rotary cuff and bicep was torn. He drives a van and is able to transfer, though not as well as he used to. Chris describes himself as active and independent. He takes pleasure in cooking and he participates in a reduced exercise regiment – Yoga. 


Team April

Kaitlin Crowther (OT), Maggie Mahoney (D), Renata Gaui (E)

April Coughlin taught high school in New York City for six years before earning her PhD at Syracuse University in the area of Special Education with a focus on Disability Studies. She has been a wheeler for 31 years and is a strong advocate for disability rights. April is committed to increasing awareness and education about the need for access and inclusion for individuals with disabilities.



Johnathan Hayden (D), Yan Hong (E), Chau Nguyen (OT)

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