Every Body In: INC.LUSIVITY To Explore How Business Can Do It Better

Style has always been exclusive from those who have it, to those who don’t. The fashion industry has historically sanctioned who can have style based on factors ranging from bank account size to body size meaning only a select few could ever be truly included.


In reality, style is a celebration of every experience and body including those that deviate from what is commonly accepted as “mainstream”. Co-Founder of 2 Blind Brothers, Bradford Manning explains that technology has enabled the industry to reflect this. “The internet, social media, data and targeting, now it’s scalable to produce for niche groups, that is solving problems for smaller populations.” These populations want to see themselves represented in advertising campaigns and on clothing racks and they are willing to spend for it. “From an inclusivity perspective, it is important for brands to differentiate yourself as a brand, brands can speak to those people who have traditionally been underserved by the fashion industry.”

Open Style Lab is presenting the panel INC.LUSIVITY to explore how businesses can open their organizations, products, and marketing to include all people regardless of gender identity, race, class, sexuality, or disability with industry professionals and firms doing progressive work to move business forward.


“Inclusion is good for consumers because it allows them to see themselves reflected in the media, which symbolizes that they are valuable,” explains fashion model and editor Lauren Chan. “On the flip side, inclusion benefits business because people—especially young people—will put their dollars towards products and brands that represent individuals and stand for a social cause.”


Fashion Editor, Lauren Chan, Social Activist and Curator at the Met Kimberly Drew, and 2 Blind Brothers Founders Bryan and Bradford Manning will join Open Style Lab Founder Grace Jun to discuss how businesses can embrace INC.LUSIVITY at Yabu Pushelberg Studios Tuesday, May 15, 2018 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Profits of the event will go to Open Style Lab, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making style and clothing accessible to people of all abilities.

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