Peter Trojic


Native New Yorker Peter Trojic has cerebral palsy and uses a manual wheelchair and crutches for mobility. He earned his B.A. in Urban Planning and Environmental Studies at Queens College, but currently serves as a company dancer and accessibility and technology director for Heidi Latsky Dance, a New York-based modern dance company.

Peter has often found it difficult to find fashionable clothing that both fits his body and can stand up to the wear and tear of wheelchair and crutch usage. Though he usually chooses form-fitting clothes because they stay out of the way, these items tend to quickly wear out due to the constant movement of Peter’s upper body, the chest, shoulders, and arms for his mobility. To solve these issues, Peter and his team worked together to create a jacket and bag that fit his functional needs and fashion aesthetic.

Participating in Open Style lab has sharpened my ability to focus less on how something is inaccessible to me, and rather focus on how I can make it accessible with tailoring or a small modification.