Introducing the Mitsy Kit: Sewing without seeing

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have an introductory workshop to the Mitsy Kit on May 16, 2015, 1-5pm in the MIT International Design Center!  Click on this link to find out more and register: The Mitsy Kit StoryIt all started with Tammy’s mother -- Mitsy. Mitsy was a seamstress in her younger years; however, due to Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), Mitsy lost her sight ...
oslIntroducing the Mitsy Kit: Sewing without seeing


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.35.21 PM

[Update] We’re THROUGH the voting round! Don’t stop voting though- voters get a shot at a 30% discount when we enter the crowdfunding phase in early April. Thanks for all the support!!! Please keep giving us feedback on the Betabrand page if you think the design could be improved:   We’ve launched the RAYN Jacket! The Rayn Jacket is our very …


OSL 2015: Now live and open for applications!

Alex and Kira try on a jacket and glove prototype with client Ryan

There are solutions, and there are solutions. A good solution fixes a problem. An awesome solution changes our worldview beyond the problem. At Open Style Lab, we invite you to come up with awesome solutions! We’re looking for 24 students to be part of our second Open Style Lab summer program at MIT (June 12-Aug 15). Over 10 weeks, we will design, …

oslOSL 2015: Now live and open for applications!

The Empress’ new clothes

This next story is one that's a little hard for us to write, and one that hits close to home, but here goes: Somewhere in October this year, our teammate and friend, Kavita, started to have excruciating stomach pain. For a while the doctors couldn't figure it out. And then, we finally got a diagnosis - one that was pretty hard ...
oslThe Empress’ new clothes

Col-LAB-oration time!

Call for designers and engineers to apply
The backstory: In the middle of OSL 2014 this summer, we were scrolling through our Facebook feeds when all of a sudden we chanced upon the image of a raincoat designed for a wheelchair user! The source? RogLab, a makerspace in Slovenia! Sensing kindred spirits, we 'liked' the photo, not expecting to get a reply. But as life would have ...
oslCol-LAB-oration time!

We’re on fire-ahhhh! #50onFireBOS

oslWe’re on fire-ahhhh! #50onFireBOS

Final reflections from the summer

Our program ended a little over a month ago. Since then, we have appeared on the front page of the Boston Globe, spoken on a runway at New York Fashion Week, and responded to a steady number of people interested in collaborating. We have swum in a sea of congratulations while trying to find our footing on a clear path …

oslFinal reflections from the summer