Open Style Lab is a nonprofit organization committed to making style accessible for everyone, regardless of their cognitive and physical abilities.


How we work

Open Style Lab is a Smithsonian design award-winning 501-c3 non-profit aiming to make style accessible to people of all abilities. We do this through educating designers, medical practitioners and brands, research and innovation, community empowerment and industry collaboration.

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What we do

Education Programs

Designing with—not for—each other
We believe that everything starts with education! We educate designers, medical practitioners and industry about inclusive design processes. Through educational programs, talks, and workshops. Check out how you can be involved in our 2024 summer program. Summer Program

Research and Innovation

OSL Academy
Want to know more about disability, design and inclusion? Open Style Lab offers online classes and content on accessibility, adaptive fashion and universal design. Our academy has a suite of content for exclusive members with tutorials & research created for public use (such as our co-published book and mask tutorial).

OSL researches with the accessibility community how design/style can affect self-esteem, social participation/stigma and the confidence of people with disabilities. We do this through surveys, focus groups and co-creation panels.

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Events and Raising Awareness

Community Empowerment We engage with the community through workshops, focus groups and our OSL ambassadors program. These various programs serve as an opportunity to build community, elevate the voices and learn from the lived experiences of those living with disabilities.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Working together to achieve accessibility We join forces with like-minded allies, educators, advocates, businesses and nonprofits around the world in order to raise awareness for inclusive, purposeful design. We offer a range of services inclusing consulting, internal programing and events. Host thought-provoking roundtables with Open Style Lab, business partners, and employees about how to integrate and foster diversity and inclusion. Upon request, we’ll share our insights on your organization’s new adaptive line, accessible product development and more.

Working together to achieve accessibility

Open Style Lab Methodology

Reach out with your ideas, comments, questions and more. We love collaboration!

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