Our 10-week summer incubator program provides a diverse community to learn about inclusive design, adaptive fashion and collaborative research with people with disabilities. From partnerships with corporations to educational institutions, a different theme is explored each year. Currently, we offer three types of fellowship engagements for the program.

About the Program

During the fellowship, fellows learn and create content for inclusive design. Together, teams are created to make a range of video hacks, accessibility tools, wearable solutions, and stylish technologies to advance inclusion.
Teams are given resources to carry out user studies with people with disabiltiies to co-fabricate and prototype ideas.
By the end of the program, each team shares design projects that receive feedback from prominent guest lecturers, mentors and judges from academia and different industries through a final showcase to the public. See our 2020 showcase collaboation with MDA HERE

We’re Changing Things Up for 2021

While we won’t be holding our annual Summer Program this June, July and August, we will be hosting a number of collaborative online events (panels, workshops, etc.) throughout the year. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for more information about what’s to come.
Frequently Asked Questions
For 2021, we will select 12-21 fellows to work on several projects and events throughout the year.

Current design, engineering and occupational therapy students, or recent graduates (up to 4 years post-graduation) are eligible. Following are specific eligibility requirements for each participant category:

Engineers: Experience with 3D modeling, sensors, Arduino/Raspberry Pi or other electronic prototyping boards, circuit design, front & back end web experience, fabrication and/or 3D CAD experience.

Designers: Product design, garment construction experience, wearable technology OR material science.

Occupational Therapists: each fellow needs to have robust list of clinical experience and volunteering. A desire or work that reflects the arts, design, or engineering are welcome such as skills in sketching, prototyping, building etc.

Communication Fellow: Graphic design, marketing

All fellows must have at least 1 year of work experience in their field and be able to commute to Manhattan, New York. Engineer and Design Fellows will be asked to share a portfolio with CV.

Next year’s program will run as a series of workshops fully online. For more information, reach out to us in February 2021 at hello@openstylelab.org

Fellows will contribute to the growing body of research and collaboration synergy at OSL by creating tools, learning methods and designs related to dressing challenges. All fellows will receive a research brief before June. Some research topics will look at:

  1. What design affordances provide people with disabilities to hack products and clothing that exist around them easier or create new ones?
  2. Instead of prescribing clothing to people with disabilities, how can teams support people with disabilities to be co-creators?
  3. How can learning tutorials or experience in hacking clothing be shared online?
100% online
Nope! However, if you are accepted to the program, there will be an application $100 fee to confirm your participation.