OSL Academy

Want to know more about disability, design, and inclusion? Open Style Lab (OSL) offers online classes and tutorials on accessibility and inclusive design. From tutorials on how to hack your own clothing or lectures on disability and design, OSL’s academy has a suite of content for exclusive members. Several of our tutorials and classes are created for public use, such as the mask tutorial below.

Reusable Mask Design

Considering the needs of healthcare workers and people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are creating a multi-purpose design to DIY reusable fabric masks and plastic mask covers. Our design tutorial aims to inform the current need of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) design innovation as well as to raise awareness on available alternatives that people can make at home. To DIY the masks at home, you can download and print the patterns & instruction below. Share your DIY results with us by @openstylelab on Instagram & Facebook!

Disclaimer: Our designs DO NOT replace medical-grade surgical masks & N95 respirators. They DO NOT provide 100% protection and should be used for emergency protection only.

Pattern Design