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Reach out with your ideas, comments, questions, and more. We’re currently accepting applications for interns, volunteers, and freelancers for the following positions starting Jan 2022. Send your CV and Cover Letter to with the job title and your first name:

lllustrator / Visual Designer - Creates illustrations that strengthen the brand of OSL in merch, journal design, and social media. Proficiency in design programs (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop) to create simple and clean vector designs or illustrations is a must. (Premiere/ AE is a plus) Experience in fashion or product visual illustration is preferred. The candidate should have high organization skills in file content management. MFA/ BFA in illustration, product, or graphic design degree is preferable. This position is remote and is offered as an internship or freelance position.

Research Fellow - Analyze OSL research by collecting and assessing data samples on adaptive fashion. Translate qualitative data into focused insights for problem solving rising needs in accessible products. Background in HCI/ human-centered design, psychology, or data management is desired. Skills in using excel, powerpoint and data software is a must. This is a short term 3-month position that has potential to become a freelance.

Data Visualization Designer - Creates layouts, comps, visual design prototypes to communicate current research data. Proficiency in design skills and expertise in translating excel data to visualization is a must. Some use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or Processing is desired. The selection of the candidate will be primarily based on strong analytical skills of qualitative data. Skills in translating qualitative data into visuals is desired. This position is remote and is offered as an internship or freelance position. BFA/ MFA in design & technology or data viz is prefered.

Human Resources Manager - Helps recruit, assess, and support in the hiring process of OSL’s team. Experience with hiring people with disabilities are a must. The ideal candidate has experience in supervising staff, resolving complex employee relation, facilitating discussions with OSL board on Compensation, and assess employee development needs. This position is remote and is offered as first a volunteer position with potential to become freelance. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience is desired.