Adaptive Needle Threader

An adaptive learning and crafting kit that makes fashion accessible to people of all abilities
  • 1 Pocket Hack for customizing pockets
  • 1 Loop Hack for easy dressing & modesty
  • 1 Adaptive Needle Threader
  • 1 Tutorial package
  • 1 Chalk set
  • 1 Needle & thread set
  • 5 Fabric clips
  • 1 Foam grip
  • Use stencils to make accessible & stylish pockets for carrying everyday belongings
  • Use and make loops for easy dressing & modesty
  • Use Adaptive Needle Threader to better serve your crafting needs
  • Recognize different types of fabric and their characteristics
  • Use fabric adhesive tapes to substitute hand sewing
  • Understand and measure fabrics, garments, and your own body
This product is included in the Adaptive Crafting Kit