Research Theme

Dress is essential to maintaining an independent lifestyle for all people. OSL’s 2018 research incubator examined how materials, silhouettes and technologies facilitate independent mobility and the collaborative movement with a caretaker. Emphasis was centered on discovering common wearable challenges that bridge the aging community with people with disabilities (PWD) to identify universal design solutions. In collaboration with Riverside Rehab, the OSL team and researchers integrated current fashion trends, garment construction, and technologies, such as soft circuits or novel material/fabrication technologies that faciliate easier dressing for care givers and older people.

The Partnership

The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center is Manhattan’s premier location for short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing. The Riverside has created an inimitable, revitalizing rehabilitation environment to provide the short-term patient with a luxurious, five-star experience that meets and exceeds all expectations. The Riverside offers an expansive program of therapies designed to help regain mobility and independence. OSL partnered with select long-term resident to collaborate on making adaptive clothing and wearable technologies.