IKEA Meet The Experts

IKEA X Open Style Lab

MEET THE EXPERTS was a 3-day event from October 12-14th at Chelsea Market, conceptualised and created through a partnership between UNYQ, IKEA, Open Style Lab, and Two Blind Brothers. The event questioned what is an “expert” in design. The agency of accessible or more inclusive designs were presented by a variety of individuals, many who have disabilities. This unique platform to share stories was designed to celebrate and showcase how people of all abilities have responded to unexpected challenges. Open Style Lab (OSL) was hired as a consulting partner for this public event to address inclusive design for lifestyle products. To accomplish this, OSL provided the following:

  1. Promotion to local disability communities and specific key speakers to a #HACKITBACK for the 3 day workshop.
  2. Curate an “OSL Booth” to make, ideate, and “hacking” of iKEA products.
  3. Consult on space accessibility, entry, and interaction point for the 3rd floor.
  4. Lead in collaborations that engaged disability participants to ideate on “lifestyle.”
  5. Produce sketches and accessible design Ideation for IKEA home products
  6. Gather research data for IKEA to reference for new designs or future improvements.

Two Blind Brothers

Supported by NYC Accessible Dispatch Transportation Service