Open Style Lab teams designers, engineers and occupational or physical therapists to create clothing solutions & TECHNOLOGIES for people with disabilities or their caretakers. This Saturday-only program takes place in nYC.


APPLICATIONS ARE now open for the 2019 program

We seek applications from designers, engineers, and occupational therapists interested in participating in our fifth summer program. Applicants are provided fellowships to co-design learning experiences surrounding STEAM education with people with disabilities. In collaboration with NYU Langone's Initiative for Women With Disabilities (IWD), applicants will undertake research in two parts (online & in-person collaboration) through June- August to make dressing accessible with high school girls with disabilities. Participating Fellows will be invited to work in a hands-on, cross-disciplinary environment to address lifestyle choices through clothing, wearable tech, and the surrounding space where dressing occurs.

June 8 - July 20 (online-only) Lessons from OSL and guest lecturers from industry are provided to Fellows to conduct research assignments in preparation for working with IWD.

July 27 - August 24 - (in person) Saturdays 11:00am-5:00pm with IWD, Fellows have the opportunity to be deeply connected with meaningful problems in the disabilities community.

Application Deadline is 11:59pm EST on April 12, 2019 (Friday)

Selected fellows will be offered a package covering travel expenses, fees and material costs $1,000.

To obtain the application form and additional information, click the appropriate link below to apply:

Design Fellow   | Engineer Fellow    | Occupational Therapy Fellow

Read more about the fellowship structure here.